Borage Seeds - Packets and Bulk Ideal for Beekeepers

Borage Seeds - Packets and Bulk Ideal for Beekeepers

Borrago officinalis. Borage is an annual plant that can grow to about half a metre high if given the space. Use 1 - 2 g per square metre. The flowers can be used to adorn salads and the leaves taste like fresh cucumber and are used in salads and soups, to aromatize foods and are very popular as an when eaten with fried eggs.
Borage is not only a pretty, flowering, edible herb, but it is known to improve the flavour of tomato vines when grown within a few feet of them. Borage is also sometimes indicated to alleviate and heal colds, bronchitis, and respiratory infections in general for its anti-inflammatory and balsamic properties. The flowers can be prepared in infusion to take advantage of its medicinal properties. Crushed leaves give a refreshing drink suitable for treating rheumatism and bronchitis.
Borage is also known as starflower and is naturalized throughout the Mediterranean region.

Borage is a favourite for bees, hence "borage honey" therefore planting it near to your vegetables is extreamly beneficial for pollination as the bees will be buzzing around the beautiful purple flowers of the borage therefore will be stopping off on your vegetables.

We supply packets or bags in bulk. Bulk bags cover over 150m2, so ideal for scattering, to cover a meadow or for sowing near to bee hives for borage honey.

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Borage 3g
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Borage 50g

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